Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is It A Full Moon?

Strange things have been a foot as of late. Maybe I missed all the warning signs, maybe I've become 'city-fied' and don't even recognize odd occurrences any more. However, my alarm clock went off in the last 12 hours of riding and woke me up. Now, these occurrences may not seem that strange to the casual observer, but they caught my attention.

1) last nite after I pedaled home from a Birthday celebration I happened upon these in my driveway.

An abandoned pair of Levi's. This furrowed my brow and had my head on a swivel looking for the perpetrator. These were not my jeans, not my roommate's jeans, I could only conclude that some 'risky business' had been happening in my driveway. The neighborhood I live in is nefarious for having Tranies and people supporting themselves by working in the 'oldest profession' around. While the neighbor hood has been quiet as of late, there have been more and more discarded 'business items' found in our driveway. I did not touch these ankle cuffs, I merely left them for the hastily retreating owner to claim at a later point in the nite.

2) While this one isn't so strange, I couldn't help notice a correlation. Shortly around the time All City Coffee put up a bicycle exhibit in the cafe

Keo (barista extraordinaire, and fixie trickster supreme) started hobbling around with a soft cast on his leg.

Turns out the Wall of Death claimed yet another victim.

Coincidence?! (probably)

3) This morning while riding into work two of the stranger things occurred on the trail. First off I came upon the exact same rider, in the exact segment of trail, at the exact trail juncture...for the 3rd day in a row. What really got me about this was that we weren't passing each other heading in opposite directions, we were riding in the same direction. Now, I'm not very good at Math (just ask my college Business Calculus professors) but I think the odds of riding across the same person, same place, heading the same direction, over the course of a 17 mile ride are not very high.

While I was trying to wrap my brain around this I rode upon a police motorcycle on the bicycle trail. Lights on, blocking the trail, with a Police officer overseeing a tow truck pulling an Explorer across the bike trail and out of the Green River.

I just had to ask ‘what happened’. The officer chuckled a little, and said the driver of the vehicle though that the chained off Trail Maintenance Vehicle access ramp was an On Ramp for a Highway.
“An On Ramp?! There isn’t a Highway or Interstate around here for about a mile.”
“That’s what we got out of her. When we got her to stop talking to that guy.” And he pointed to a bush. I gave the officer an expression of ‘that’s a bush’…and he nodded.
“Oh. That guy.”

I couldn’t help think how lucky the whole situation was, that there wasn’t a pedestrian running/walking/riding by when she tried a ‘good ol boys’ maneuver by trying to clear the river.

Strange days indeed...or is it just me?

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