Thursday, July 24, 2008

Winning Isn’t Always About Crossing the Line First

Has your summer become boring? Has the abundance of sun sapped your energy reserves and unleashed another savage beating to your flesh? Wish the cold and snow of winter would return because it’s become too hard to match Tshirts and shorts?! Snap out of it! And do a Scavenger Hunt!

A Scavenger Hunt? Isn’t that a little childish?

YES! Yes it is. It can also be an absurd amount of fun.

This weekend we took a handful of intrepid cyclists, give them a list of tasks to complete and unleashed them on an unsuspecting Seattle for a Scavenger Hunt. The rules were simple. Have fun, ride a bike, and have fun.

I can’t speak for the rest of the teams, but from the moment we took our photo playing Pinball we knew we were well on our way to sweet sweet victory

Getting one of Seattle’s finest to straddle my Rush Hour after getting a dozen Top Pot Donuts

Snapping a photo with a rock star

Getting a stranger to do the chicken dance rather than engaging in a chicken fight

Pictures of our bikes on ‘strangers’ car racks and bikes without wheels

Plus countless "other" tasks, how could this team not win?

When the cards were all tallied up we were well short on the overall point title.

However, we were the only team to cover the entire route (sort of), get a cop on a bike, and the only team to do the Chicken Dance! Another team was deemed the ‘winner’, but we all knew who the real winners of the day were.


sherry said...

how fun!!! I want to do a scavenger hunt!

Brian said...

That is awesome! The photo with the cop is priceless.