Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shut My Word Hole

Friday I rode home alone. I uttered a total of 4 words on my way home, but my mind wouldn’t shut up. This is a brief excerpt from my thought pattern on my ride to a BBQ after work.

Man is it windy today. This morning the tail wind was rock’n, the sun was shining and I almost rode right past the entrance to Raleigh. Now, that same tailwind is a kick’n headwind. Feels like 10,000 puppies licking my face.

I can’t tell if this song is annoying or really good.

The Jackson 5 are awesome, and this re-mix is poppy. But is it too poppy?

Keep on filling up your SUV with your Costco gas. This engine is running on Burritos today.

Bah, I thought if I left work early I’d be able to avoid all the runners. I think there are more now than normal. Amazing what warm weather does for trail traffic in the NW.

It just looks cool seeing your reflection moving in a window.

Great. Soccer tournament. Time to put my hands back on the hoods and pay attention. HEY! You in the Audi! Watch where you’re going! Ding Dong.

Will I get a free peep show from the Cowgirls today? Nope. Stupid van.

Man is it windy.

Ahhh, the Union guys are hanging out and celebrating Friday with some Barley Pops. I can’t wait till I have a beer in my hand.

Rabbit Alley. Hands back on the hoods. Little bastards.

Ugh, that long wind channel is coming up. Man is it windy.

Awwww, fresh goose poop all over the trail. That’s just great.

What’s this? Oh, someone’s sitting on my wheel. Wish I had a wheel to sit on. Man is it hot and windy.

This straight away just really sucks. Just put my head down. Turn the pedals. I think it’d be faster if I got off and walked. Don’t look at the flag to your left…don’t look…don’t look…suck.

Holy crap is it windy. Almost out of the wind channel. What’s this? The wheel sucker is passing? Wow. He’s really trying to push it in this wind. He needs to work on his form. His upper body is bobbing and his knees are all over the place. Did he just look back? Aw no, is this a race? It looks like he’s really pushing it.

South Park. I hope all the lights are insync with me today. He just looked back again. I think he’s trying to drop me. Looks like he’s cutting through the neighborhood, I don’t want to fight the oncoming traffic so I’ll go under the bridge and meet up with the trail again.

Hey, the neighborhood smells like lavender today.

There’s that guy again. Looks like he sat up. His hands are next to the stem. His knees are a little more piston like. Oh no, he’s back in the drops again. He definitely saw me when we went around that corner.

Will this wind ever let up?

TXT…Bring Ketchup?

Ketchup?! I’m in the middle of the industrial shipping yard. Where the heck am I supposed to find condiments?!


I can’t wait to be on that roof top with a cold beer in my hand.

Alright, hands back on the hoods. Time to jump in traffic. Look back…plenty of space. The racing commuter doesn’t think so.
“Have a good one” I say. He just looks at me while a heavy wind escapes his mouth.

Man is it windy.

Ketchup?! Where the heck am I supposed to get ketchup? I guess I’ll just swing in a fast food-a-ria around the OR office. Buy some fries and grab a handful of ketchup packets. Wow. There’s a pretty good line in here. I don’t think they’ll notice if I just grab some packets. Maybe I’ll grab 2 handfuls.

OR parking lot. Do I lock my bike up? Nah, I’ll just jam in this railing.

This view is awesome. Almost as awesome as this beer is tasting right now. Man am I glad to be out of that wind.

That's it.

No, you can't have those 2 minutes back of your life.


Michael Yoder said...

I believe the lavender come from the Big Dipper Wax Works in the residential area of South Park. It always smells wonderful in the morning.

BF kemyooter said...

Is that what it is? I've been trying to figure it out for years. It sure is wonderful, and it beats the Honey Bucket smell that seems to eminate from the Boeing building on the other side of the South Park Bridge.

ChrisB. said...

That actually was a pretty worthwhile two minutes. Sort of a commuter version of "The Rider."