Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who Broke In?!

The cats out of the bag and apparently no one around here is very good at keeping secrets. Guitar Ted over at heard through the rumor mill that we were changing up our XXIX line next year. And I was amazed at how accurate his information was.

"...we're hearing that the XXIX+G will be back relatively unchanged, (perhaps some spec changes and color differences). The XXIX single speed will be changed significantly."

So to help the rumor out a little I sent over a couple sneak peak photos of what the XXIX and XXIX+G is going to look like over to him.

Here are a couple photos, but head on over to and check out the info he came up with.

I have so much more to post but there's a Summer Sales meeting I must attend down in beautiful Olympia Washington. There will be more to follow next week.

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Fritz said...

I'm thinking about getting my son the XXIX but I'm unsure about size. He rides a 15" frame normally (on a bike with 26" tires) but I don't know how that would translate for a 29er. My LBS is a Raleigh dealer and has a XXIX in stock, but he'd have to order one to size for my size. Any thoughts on what size he should ride? Or should he just stick with the normal mountain bike until he's a bit taller?