Friday, June 27, 2008

Air of Anticipation

I know that Stevil at the Bummer Life is really good about getting all psyched up over all the new bikes he is constantly getting. (How the hell does he pull that off?! I work for a bike manufacturer and don’t get as many new bikes as that guy!) He posts the pictures of the frame before he gets it.
When he gets it.
While he’s building it.
While he’s sleeping with it.
And when it first encounters Danzig’s mustache while eating bacon.

Well, I have a new rig on the way. I have pictures of what the frame is going to look like. And it looks hot. Personally, I think it’s the best looking Raleigh we’ve ever done. And everyone who’s seen the picture whole hardily agrees. I want to post the pictures so badly, but I think I’d rather wait until I have it in my possession before I reveal its hotness. I do know that my parts have started to show up for it. And I’m checking the mail room like Ralphie waiting for his Orphan Annie Decoder Ring. A couple weeks ago my FSA Energy Handle Bar, Stem, Seatpost, and Energy crank showed up. It was soon followed by my White Candy 2 ti pedals. What really got me going though is when these showed up…

Ahhhhh. Carbon Force Brake Levers with all the guts removed.
Plus I got a few other choice parts that should be showing up soon. I can picture it now...WOW. Backwards…WOW
Upside down…MOM

If you’re in Seattle this weekend there’s going to be some more ‘alternative fun’ going on in Georgetown. If you ride your bike south of Seattle you can check out the chainsaw wielding skeleton as it takes on a hedge trimming Lobster. It’s freak’n sweet!

Alright. The sun is out and I had THE best ride into work this morning yet this year. There was something about pulling my arm warmers off, feeling the sun, and being pushed by the wind. Often during the winter it’s easy to forget there’s a 14,000ft volcano outside of Seattle. When it shows up in the summer, it’s truly breath taking. I'm going to head out and enjoy Part II of my ride.

Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


It feels like I've been neglecting this here site lately. Summer is upon us in the bike industry and we're all running around like we're on fire.

Everyone here is enjoying a break in the the Seattle winter and getting some vitamin B while riding in. We've started a 'Commute Challenge' that I'm going to tell ya'll about in another post. It's got a lot of people pretty excited and riding into work more than I've ever seen. People on bikes...I know it's radical concept, but we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, this past week we started our summer of Bike in Movies at my house. Seems simple enough. Bikes, BBQ, movies outside, and your favorite beverage in your hand. We're trying to run an entire Bike theme this summer. So we started with Better Off Dead. A classic John Cusack movie about a boy, a french girl, a mountain, Pig Burgers, and the never ending quest for $2. I'm looking for more suggestions of Movies with Bikes in any?

This weekend Fremont hosted the Summer Solstice Parade with some Raleigh and Diamond Back bikes. I still think the Portland Naked Bike Ride is trying to play catch up to us. Saturday nite I rode to, what has become, a Seattle institution. The Mariners suck, the Sonics are leaving, it's another couple months until we're all let down by the Seahawks again, but Roller Derby...that's the ticket. When the bouts were over the Seattle Travel Squad proved, once again, why they're one of the best teams in the nation and they got their groove on. On the tables, on the bar, on the town!

Sunday was all about the ride. The ride and trying to find some locations to shoot some new Lifestyle shots. Yup...that time of year again. I'm going to try and do as good of a job as Carey did last year in giving ya'll a little sneak peak as to what the 09 bikes are going to look like and what we're offering. Stay tuned.
This week. Did a quick photo shoot. Considering I asked one of my baristas at All City to be a model, the morning of the shoot, I think it turned out pretty good. This is the Circa...

Yesterday, found myself riding home with yet anther bike attached to my back. Another? Yup. I had a Team Time Trial frame attached to me on Friday to drop off at a local shop. Yesterday, I drug home a Supercourse that I used in an Ad shot that will be appearing in Road Magazine in a month or so. I may ride with a messenger bag, and not be a messenger...but dang does that sucker get loaded up!

The weeks almost over...but I'll let you in on some of the weekend happs tomorrow.
Go Ride.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Slow days...

Taking a break from racing this past weekend, and finally went on a casual road ride. Gotta say, I love a slow bike ride with no agenda and no plan. When getting on the bike is all that matters and everything else fades away. The sun shines on your head, and the breeze kisses your face. There isn't work waiting at the end of the ride, only a welcoming porch and a cold Rainier. The ride takes time, but it's time to look around and time to think about things other than 9 to 5.

{75mph is awful fast this close to Lycra}

{a bridge of our own}

Then I came across a rather bizarre that put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. I think this is one of the best signs I've seen in a long, long time.

{how can this not make ya smile?}
{I mean...really?!}

Stopped mid ride for an Americano and some warmed up bread pudding with caramel sauce on it. Riding home on a full belly keeps the pace rather slow, but that was the name of the game. Besides...I knew what was waiting.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Holy Crap!

My Raleigh Team Bike and I are a banner on the Rapha website. I wrote earlier about the ride we all did in honor of Andy Hampstens memorable stage. Turns out the folks down there decided to add the ride to their list. Check it out here.

Anyway. Yesterday we had a break from our June-uary weather and the sun broke out. Amazing what a little Vitamin Sun will do for you.

{this just makes me happy looking at it}

{a little excerpt from our ride yesterday, I'm slowly learning video stuff...}

Made it to a good friends 40th Birthday last nite. Shoot...I remember when turning 21 was a big deal. Then 30 seemed like things were creeping up on me. Now my friends are rounding 40...which means I'm not too far off as well.

40 is the new 20...right?

{happy birthday Shenanigans}

{Sidi smut}

Who knows what the weekend has in store. Georgetown is having their music festival...and I loves me some Helmet. A good friend is having an entire going away day. And it's Fathers Day on Sunday, so make sure you give your Pa a call or go fire up the grill with him.

The suns out, the weekend is calling, and it's time to go to work.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Get Your Cluck On

Apparently, Fair Oaks California is known for having a herd of feral chickens. Any place known for feral chickens has got to be a sight to see. If you find your self with a chicken suit, or a chicken for that matter, swing on by.
Raleigh Bicycles very own Rob Allen is the main instigator of this ride and will be in attendance.
I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

That Elusive "W"

Last year, this past weekend, I entered my very first Crit race ever. While I've been riding bikes for years, the idea of road racing never really grabbed a hold of me. Almost everyone I see out there is soooo serious and no one looks like they're having much fun. From the Pros to the Cat 5 racers. They exuded an attitude that never appealed to me. And why pay someone so I can ride my bike with a bunch of spandex clad men? My bikes cost enough to maintain through daily use...why would I want to punish them in a race?

Anyways...last year I jumped into the Second Ascent Twilight Crit, or as it's better know, the Ballard Crit. Why? Mainly just for fun. To try something out and see what all the hub bub was about.

This race was the first appearance of my Coveralls. While some laughed with me, others scoffed and felt I was 'disrespecting' the sport. All I was there to do was have some fun. I mean really...I was in the beginner category!
The race that day saw plenty of rain. A couple of wrecks. A fool hardy break away. And our very own beloved Diablo Rojo winning the sprint finish.

Fast forward one year.

The coveralls still come out to every race in the hopes the local UCI official isn't there. And people give me grief for NOT wearing them even if he is there. I've been called 'sandbagger' more times than I care to count, even though I've requested upgrades and been denied. I've met a lot of great people in the local race scene and look forward to seeing them at any race I can make it to.

The Ballard Crit this year was faster and way harder than the previous year. They combined the beginners and the class above into a Cat 4/5 battle royal. Thankfully it was dry.

Half way through the race I was really questioning why I went out with the Dead Baby Crew the night before and thought I was going to drop out of the race all together.

When we finished I was told we averaged around 30mph for the race...ugh. This pace really took it's toll on everyone. Towards the closing laps it felt like there was a wreck every go around. So when 2 laps to go came up and the front end of the group slowed up...I shot off the front wanting to keep the pace high and carnage free. When I looked back, I had a gap.

Hindsight...I should have buried my head and gone. I might have been able to hold them off.
My foggy brain thought it would be wiser to ride with the pack for the finish...however I continued to lead until the finishing straight. They shot past me close to the line but I managed to hold onto 4th.
{hey daniel, hows that shifter?!}

I blame the Babies for my clouded time.

Thanks to Wheels in Focus for the pictures again.

Friday, June 6, 2008


“On June 5th American climber Andy Hampsten made his name on the 17th stage of the 1988 Giro, attacking in atrocious weather in the Dolomites. Bad weather had been forecast and, as sleet turned to snow, fear gripped the peloton. The riders were soaked to the skin and intimidated by what lay ahead – the legendary Passo di Gavia.
After climbing the 2621m pass, with sections of 18%, Hampsten was braking and pedaling at the same time to keep warm on the descent. But by the finish he was in the Maglia Rosa and the Giro was won."

Yesterday the Rapha Crew hosted an ride in honor of one of the greatest cycling stories of all time. We gathered in their office, received advice from Andy himself as we readied ourselves for the weather and the climb.
"Remember, you guys don't have to do it. I was paid."
Truer words were never spoken.
80 miles.
14 miles of climbing
Portland wind and rain.
Snow topped finish.
Celebratory beer.

{getting ready}

{this is actually a color was really that grey!}

{climbing...but where's the snow?}

{signs and gates wouldn't have stopped Andy!}

{giving Raleigh Team bike a taste of snow}
{end of the line}

{did Andy have a pitcher waiting for him?}

While I don't think our ride was quite as epic as what Andy rode through 20 years ago, I think we all appreciated what he did a little more at the end of the ride.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thoughts of dryer days...

This is what we're looking at today in Seattle. You have to love a place where the weather people can confidently announce a 100% chance of rain almost any day of the week.

While *gasp* driving into the office today my thoughts wandered to last week. It was so sunny and warm that I was actually sweating on my way home. As I neared downtown Seattle my legs let out a little groan. I haven't had a day off my bike in months. The commuting, racing and general transportation were taking their toll on my crank turners. But the weather was so nice!
Ride more?
Thankfully I ran into a buddy of mine on his Rush Hour on his way home. I figured this was a sign that I should keep riding...and am glad I did.

{gotta love an empty road}

{red...the color the pros use}

{prison trails}

{dueling Rush Hours}

{random street treasure}

Whenever a ride calls, you should always answer. And whenever you find something as sweet as canned make sure your credit card is ready!