Friday, November 6, 2009

You Train Your Way...

And I'll train mine.

From the moment I pealed off my tight orange shorts last year, I've been shopping.
After the last trace of mud was finally removed some 30 days later, I've been in figuring out how to get it back in there.
The moment I sobered up and regained my composure, I found another beer. (duh)

Oh yes...SSCXWC is back upon me. And this year, I'm ready for it.

I've been refining my costumes...

Practicing my Beer Handups (I'm selfish and thirsty so I will not be participating in the popular HandDown that all those Stevil lemmings are practicing)

Searching out mud....

Flirting with trashy women...

Oh yeah...and riding my bike...a little bit.
(funny...I don't have any pictures of that...)

This weekend...the Power of Cross Compels me to bring my brand of Cross Religion to Portland and set up the school of Holy Cross. We're fully armed with enough Holy Water to drown a hippopotamus and will be setting up a confessional for all those Cross Sinners in PDX.

Look for us...and be saved.

A couple pictures are from MFG and PDXCross


Yokota Fritz said...

You're mighty cute in that short little dress, Sally.

Dan O said...

Nice. You live the life of a rock star.