Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If Only I Could See Straight...

{Hot Cross BUNS!}

I might be able to type more about SSCXWC.

I still need another day to recover and really digest everything that happened this weekend.
I do remember....
A sweet foam machine.
Feeling like Happy Gilmore was trying to putt me though a windmill.
About a dozen orange short shorts...(with one thong sticking out)
One bacon covered maple bar hand-up
About a dozen "illegal" handups
Being DQ'd for receiving an "illegal" handup

{The only thing that should be illegal here is the length of those shorts}

There is sooooo much more to tell from this weekend. However, I need another day to figure out where I put my liver.

In the mean time you can entertain yourself with a few of these write ups...
Yakima Bicycle Vigilantes
CXMagazine (scroll down)

And you can find a ton of photos at my friend Dave's site and the kids at IronClad.

Too be continued....

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KJT said...

I might have just thrown up in my mouth a little...