Monday, October 19, 2009

{Click the Brown Bear at 2pm…there will be a Live announcement Here and Here the site will be blank until it’s time so no one can cheat}

Spread the word. At 2PM Pacific Standard Time the SSCXWC framesets will go live. Click on the banner above to go straight to the site and get ready to order yours.

In the truest form of “Limited Edition” there will be only 50 of these Single Speed CycloCross beauties that will EVER be sold. And in the truest spirit of SSCXWC, there is 1 random white frame in the batch. And to that one lucky person who opens their frame box and receives the White frame, Chris King has provided the gear, and Shimano America has generously donated a complete SS build kit that will be the envy of every cross dressing racer at the WC this fall. (honestly…Di2 brake levers!?!?!?!)

Raleigh is extremely proud to have partnered with the crew at SSCXWC in creating this frameset and this promotion. We at Raleigh so enjoy this event (alright, Brian REALLY enjoys this event) and the inspiration that it has provided us, that we will be donating 100% of the profits of these framesets to the event itself. Yup…you read that correctly. 100% of the profits from this promotion will go directly to the crew at SSCXWC. The hope is to see this event grow, expand, travel and to encourage more people to try the crazy sport of Cyclocross.

Remember…once they’re gone…they’re gone.

We can’t wait to see what the host city next year will do.

Good Luck.

as a technical side note for anyone wondering…due to the unique nature of this promotion, please understand that any valid warranties will be handled with a suitable replacement.


Anonymous said...

just wonderin' you have to order the 'correct' size in order to win the white frame?

BF kemyooter said...

The white frame is totally random and already in a box ready to be shipped. No one knows which frame is the White one.

Anonymous said...

oh, so there are 2 white ones? the one in the picture, and another random size? guess I was thinking there was only the one in the pics...

BF kemyooter said...

The one that currently has parts on it was our paint sample to make sure it turned out fine. It then became our show bike, and the one we used for photos.
It is going to be made 'un-useable' so the one white frame out there will truely be the ONE and ONLY white SSCXWC frame.

Anonymous said...

It all makes sense now. Thanks for clearing this up!