Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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Some days we don't ride in and on those days we go for a "lunch ride" and Monday was one of those days. Raleigh HQ is located just off the Green River trail, a trail that meanders through the Kent valley which is made up of farmland, golf courses, and industrial parks. Matt and I mounted our cycles at about 11:30am and started to pedal - after about 50 min we must have felt the lack of calories from not eating before we left and thought a game of BOLF or is it GIKE, would be fun to play. I just watched Matt as my One Way was a bit to heavy to follow through with - I guess carbon really is the way to go for this game.

Bikes: Matt - Podium 5 Carey - One Way


Anonymous said...

man... sounds like you all have way more fun riding bikes than we do! I want to come play too! perhaps a "marketing" meeting should be planned out so I can visit. :) - ellen @ cateye

James said...

The One Way is a really nice bike. It is great that you guys are offering a sensible single speed commuter with fenders. The Brooks saddle on yours is a nice touch. Too bad they can't all be like that, but I guess it would kill the price point.

CS-H kemyooter said...

You may be surprised by our 2008 run of One Way's. I was borrowing the One Way in the pic from our product developer Kyle Casteel. The PD guys rigged it with a 5 speed internal hub and I fell in love. I am totally rigging up a One Way for my winter commuter next year with a 3 speed internal hub - I can't wait. I love steel, I love single speeds(but in the winter we can all use a couple more gears)and I love fenders. Thanks for the comment.

CS-H kemyooter said...

Pick a time when you can swing up to Raleigh. We'll take you out bolfing after we talk lights, computers, and bikes. Matt is a tough one to beat, but we will put you on a Prestige so you can give him a run for his money.