Thursday, March 15, 2007


A mish-mash of images here, not in any particular order. Two days of commuting - one rainy the other windy and clear, one with Matt and one without. Enjoy.

{click on images to enlarge}

It was a very windy day and we asked ourselves
why we grabbed the single speeds.
{Claus Oldenburg Sculpture}

Matt & Brian {Approaching South Park}


Heading Forward

Brian Self Portrait {Across from Eagle Man, Tukwilla}

Eagle Man {Tukwilla}

Is my top tube transparent? I thought carbon was light, but not that light.

Morning blur - we hope the coffee kicks in soon {Airport Way}

Elliot Bay/ West Seattle {Olympic Sculpture Park}

Route home w/ views of Elliot Bay and the Olympic mountain range
{Myrtle Edwards Park/Olympic Sculpture Park}

I was surrounded by beautiful sculptures so I thought
I would give my headset some praise also.
{Olympic Sculpture Park}

Same on my stem, beautiful stuff! {Olympic Sculpture Park}

Reminder: Always ride with a front fender in Seattle.

Bike Pile {Alaskan Way}

Coffee: Zeitgeist
Bikes: Rainy Day - Brian: Rx 1.0 Carey: Prestige
Windy Day - Brian: Rush Hour s/s Carey: Professional s/s Matt: Podium 5


Fritz said...

Love those mudlines on the front-fender reminder photo.

CS-H kemyooter said...

How I wish it was mud - unfortunately it is pure Seattle grime. But a pretty fun reminder nonetheless. Thanks for the comment.

CS-H kemyooter said...


By the way, I really enjoy your cycle-licious site.

Fritz said...

Thanks! And thanks for adding me to your links list. If you don't mind, please get in touch so I can do a short interview to feature you and your job at Raleigh in an article. I'll be busy this week but I'll try to get back to you asap.