Friday, March 23, 2007


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Ed W said...

"What do you think about when riding?"

I think about the deadly chupacabra and the elusive Oklahoma snow snake. I think about hilarious things that I can't remember when I get home. I wrack my brain for good column ideas.

Sometimes, I sing. You wouldn't want to be anywhere nearby. My singing voice is like Vogon poetry.

CS-H kemyooter said...

Are your OK snow snakes like the ones in CO? CO snow snakes are critters that lurk in the snow and trip skiers. Their white skin makes them invisible to the casual observer, but skiers everywhere know the snakes are to blame for all mysterious falls, especially the full-scale yard-sales. Every spring on April 1st the Snow Snakes in Colorado hide their eggs in a den from the coming summer. These eggs hatch in the fall during the first snow storm.

Brian filled me in on these snakes during our ride this morning. It's a good thing it is lighter in the mornings - after seeing an image of the chupacabra I don't know if I would want to venture out my door at 6am tomorrow knowing that I could encounter one of those, scary - but incredibly intriguing. Don't you love your imaginative mind?