Tuesday, March 6, 2007


{words by Brian}

This post was supposed to happen on February 28th, but I was at United Bicycle Institute for a week and then came down with the most brutal virus which knocked me off kilter for a total of 14 days. While I was away, Brian wrote a little something about traveling in a car for 14 miles from Seattle to Kent where Raleigh is located.

Today…drove into work, which is never fun. Hmm...why is that? Why don’t you hear people talking about how SWEET their drive into work was? How their drive has totally gotten them off on the right foot? How they felt so energized after sitting behind their wheel in traffic, staring at the bumper of a VW clad with a sticker about Bush and our dependence on Oil, while the bike rack on top is empty and rusting. No movement for minutes (even hours), only taking in the exhaust of the flat bed truck next to you, occupied by a big, hairy guy named Clem who buys his “muscle T’s” like his beer…cheap and in six-pack form.

Hmm...Maybe because cars suck!

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