Thursday, March 22, 2007


{words by carey}
Not every bike commute is as sublime and refreshing as some we have posted, but it's the gem-like days that reward us for our decisions to head out on those that are rainy and windy. So, no reward of warm sunny weather today, just rain, wind, and spray from passing cars.

I rode solo yesterday and today, which allowed for an hour and twenty minutes of close listing on my way to Raleigh. I listened to my thoughts, my music, the rain, the cars, the industrial movements of cranes, a backhoe, and the countless other sounds the ear collects while pedaling through a city. Today was interesting in the sense that I had a bundle of thoughts unwind during the duration of my ride. Apple should put a recording device in my ipod so that as I listen to Spoon, Radiohead, Neko Case (to name a few) my thoughts will be recorded for later perusal. My initial thinking was about the conceptual experiences we have while riding. It is different for every rider and for every type of ride one goes on.

Maybe I haven't read the right publications, blogs, or books, but in my wandering through the bike world I have found very little prose that records the thoughts of a cyclist. I will say that Rouleur is one publication that prints cycling stories and photographs that have more of a contemplative and artistic approach. It seems the thoughts of racers are recorded the most, thoughts of acceleration, victory, maximum threshold counts, strategies, agony, etc. But what is the woman across the street on the hybrid with panniers and rain-socked jeans thinking about as she waits for the light? I suppose in part this is why I have started this blog: to raise an awareness for the thoughts and feelings that are generated as we ride, and to encourage others to share them. With over a thousand winter commuting miles under my belt (and Brian's) the scenery tends to become a bit familiar on the way to work, but as soon as I open my senses (my mind), the world is no longer familiar but super stimulating.

What do you think about when riding?

Pictures are from Wednesday March 21st (super frosty morning), Thursday March 22nd & straggling images from a stellar day on Friday March 16th

Sunrise Pioneer Square (Seattle)

Frosty Silloutte (Green River Trail)

Ice crytals. Where is Spring? (Green River Trail)

Alaskan Way rail yard storage w/ Seattle in the background.

Container Cranes (Harbor Island)

Friday's ride home;

Coffee: Zeitgeist
Bikes: Carey: Professional (2days) Prestige (the other) Brian: Rush Hour
Rant: Thoughts, music, and the perfect cadence can amazingly transform wind & rain into an imaginary ride in the sun.