Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do not adjust your set...

Finally! A post done by someone else here. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of folks who ride here, but trying to get them to write something is tougher than keeping Britney out of the tabloids. So here it is...a post not by Brian...

What could ever be better than an afternoon spent out on some beautiful single track, happily lost in an area that I have only been riding in once before? I left with lot’s on my mind – work, travel, projects – and within 15 minutes I was only thinking about how freakin’ beautiful the forest is, how ridiculously big some of these stumps are, and how cool it is to ride my XXIX over the roots and rocks. I get to spend a good amount of time thinking about bikes – spec, pricing, marketing – but the ride reminded me about how awesome it is to be part of this industry. Bikes are just so much fun – and ultimately they allow many of us access. For kids it’s access to the park or their friends house, for the most of us it’s access to some fresh air and the neighborhood or a bike path and for other’s it’s access to fitness and competitive spirit – and for me last Monday, it was access to some cool scenery and adrenaline rushes that put things back into perspective.

My XXIX is one of my favorite bikes I’ve ever owned – it rides over everything in its path, feels super fast when climbing or descending and has a distinctive look and feel.

{So here is to the largest trees and stumps I’ve ever seen, holiday Monday’s and cool bikes}

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