Monday, August 11, 2008

2009 Photo Shoot...

is a wrap.

Last year Carey did a great job of filling in the details day, by day, by day, by day. I was not afforded such a luxery this year.

This year we did not head out and rent a sweet house to crash in for a week. We did not have meals made up for us. We did not go out and secure a ton of product to place in the shots. We did not go out and secure "talent" to ride every single bike we have in our line.

The year felt a little more gurellia style. We kept the the shots local, running around Seattle and finding locations that fit the lifestyle and culture of the bike. I had a hand in picking a few of the places so I delved into the places most familiar.

The archetecture of the Seattle Public Library is pretty amazing, so we spent an entire Monday afternoon on the Detour Delux around the building and avoiding drivers with "Pylon Rage".

{At the Library or on the road, the Detour is one smart bike}

{did I really just type that?!}

My addiction to coffee is well noted and the kids at All City Coffee down in Georgetown make one of the best Quad Tall Americanos to start the day. So why wouldn't I want to spend a Tuesday there, to drink coffee and get some shots done of the Clubman? We got all hopped up on Americanos and took a ton of great pictures down there with one of my riding buddies Nat, and even got Keo to jump on a bike for a couple shots.

{I have a feeling people will be talking about the all new Clubman}

Rainier has been a popular topic for me lately, so we borrowed a friends cabin at Rainier for a couple days to pound out the Road and Mountain bikes on Wednesday and Thursday.

{Every bike should be taken for a walk at least once}

{Chasing a truck at 40mph on the Team}

{XXIX at play}

{The Competition got a make over}

Back in Seattle we crashed the Dead Baby Downhill on Friday for some Rush Hour snaps, and hung out in the sun for the Tour de Fat on Saturday to get the cruisers and the new Roadsters a taste.

{The liveliest bunch of Dead Babies you'll ever see}

{Roll'n a couple Fatties at the Tour de Fat}

{I can't wait for the Suberb Roadsters to be available!}

Sunday we wrapped things up fast and furious with 2 different and completely new bikes for the ladies. The Alysa flat bar road bike and the new, more aggressive, Eva 8.0.

{Alysa FT 1 hitt'n the streets}

{All new EVA 8.0 roll'n dirty}

All told...I can't wait for this new catalog to come out.

Thanks to Chris and Greg over at Motofish. They did an amazing job and took more pictures than pre-pubescent boy at the Playboy Mansion. We should have a lot of fun photos to play with this year.

And thanks to these kids for making us look good while we were out there.


Arleigh said...

I'm very excited to see more on this Superbe Roadster!!

sherry said...


Matt and Pam Emerson said...

when does the new catalog come out =)

BF kemyooter said...

arleigh...the Roadster has us all excited. When I'm able I'll try and post some more on it.

Sherry...I'm still planning on collecting on the Bacon Covered Maple Bar!

Matt and Pam...your coffee table should have the new catalog around the end of September, beginning of October.

Randy said...

Where can I get one of those head badges (on the Alysa) for my Cadent FT1?