Friday, August 8, 2008

Cross Stoke...

Apparently my bike showed up just in time. And I know Cross Season isn't here yet but my inbox has been filling up with people telling me that it's time to start registering for these things. Just today I got signed up for this one....

So if you find yourself at Interbike, you should make your way on out to the race. I signed up in the Manufacturer category and am going to start working on my "Race Kit" this weekend. To anyone going to CrossVegas, I expect plenty of 'hand-ups' and Preems. I'm going to be in full on training for SSCXWC (which haven't been announced yet, but I'm starting to hear things).

I want to try and crash the Crit as well. We'll see if I can get my Upgrade in time. I tried again today and got shot down again by USA Cycling.

Dear Brian,

The following request to change your USCF category has been denied by USA Cycling:stifflink - 2008-08-08 12:22

Member: Brian

License: Road RacerRequest to change category from Cat 5 to Cat 4

USA Cycling Response from Martha Lane Walsh:
Brian: USA Cycling guidelines specify that you need experience in 10 mass-start races to upgrade to cat 4.

I'll keep trying, but there aren't many more races I can hit before the whole thing goes down.

Plus...I gotta get on the Ball for the Cross season Kick off a few days before hand. Seattle's Star Crossed Cross race is one of the biggest in the country and really gets the season up here started. I've been eyeballing through the registration...and they don't have a Single Speed Category. I'm gonna have to talk to someone about this as I'm thinking there's gonna be enough people nutters enough to ride Single that we should get our own category.

The real kick in the pants about Star Crossed is I have to be on a 8am flight the next morning for Vegas. I already feel for the person who's going to be sitting next to me on that flight.


Chunk said...

Isn't their someone you still know at USA Cycling who could finagle an upgrade for you? Shees, it's not like you're trying to race the World Cup or anything.

Also, lemme know if you need a pit chief for your 'cross race.

BF kemyooter said...

Tell me about it! I just may have to make a call after the 'games'.

I totally need a pit chief! If you're going to be there, I would be honored if were that person!