Friday, November 14, 2008

Be Seen...

Now that daylight is lasting as long as a Seahawk Highlight real, I've taken part in a time old tradition of "digging out the lights". For cyclists this ranks up there with watching Dad try and untangle the Christmas Lights every year.
When broken down, this routine is pretty similar to a dance. The dance isn't that complicated, and I believe everyone is versed in their own moves. Mine can be best summarized as looking something like this...

It's a little herky jerky and unorganized. There are flashes of brilliance mixed in with a Wow factor. But mostly, it looks like a monkey trying to hump a football....

While digging though boxes of spare parts, and swearing to myself that I'll keep everything together next year, I discover I've lost most of the mounting brackets to keep my light on my bike.
Get creative with some duct tape.
Realize after testing that the light would work perfect, if it was a search light or trying to signal aliens. Remove all 20 feet of '200mph tape'. Remount at a more reasonable level. Perfect.
I enjoy the first 10 minutes of the ride and marvel at how well I mounted the light.
Eleven minutes into the ride I have a sudden bout of tourette's as the light slowly fades because I forgot to re-charge it.
Spend the next 20 minutes riding the Braille Trail home.

Now...I'm not going to do dive into a product review or endorsement here...I'm just going to tell you about the current lighting systems that I'm using. There's no harm in that, right?

Last year I picked up a Cateye Double Shot for the long winter nights. I was pretty psyched on how small the whole unit was and how bright it was. The only thing that really bothered me about it (along with EVERY light on the market) was the mounting hardware. I don't know about you, but I put my light on a variety of bikes with a variety of handlebar sizes. I'm also vain...and don't like the look of empty 'brackets' on my bikes. ever so small of a kingdom for a mounting bracket that will work on a variety of handlebars and be easily transferable from bike to that really too much to ask?
With that in mind I'm a big fan of Sigmas MicroFlash lights. Yup...they're there for safety, but I can use them on any bike and the Velcro strap makes it uber easy to transfer from one bike to the next and remain visible on dark side streets...

Visible? Did I say Visible?

{I just love those kooky Canadian girls at Momentum}

Only 34 more days, until the days start getting longer again.

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