Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here we go again...

When participating in an event for the first it's inaugural's hard to tell what kind of event it's actually going to be. Conservative, structured, traditional, unorganized, just never know. Except when I heard about SSCXWC being put on for the first time in Portland last year. I knew deep in my liver that all the 'traditional' rules would be thrown out the window and the only thing to expect...would be the unexpected.
They did NOT disappoint.
As soon as the event was over I fell in love with SSCX and the idea of having a SSCX bike. So over the next couple months Carey and I sat down, punished our 'evil' livers and dreamed up the Rainier. year later...we will return to Portland, hot off our stunning Sabotage of the Manifest, and "serve" PDX another steaming plate of Seattle Cross.

{the weather is looking agreeable (?!) so far...}

The team is bigger this year...and the amount of flesh we will be exposing would not be suitable for a PG-13 movie.

Go to the race. You will not be disappointed. While you're at it...put on your orange hunting gear and come grab a handful of Hot Cross Buns while you're at it!


Bobby said...

Let me know if I win, eh?

Kazeebo said...

That is so wrong it can't be anything but right...sorry to have missed the fun!