Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some days...

you just need to keep riding.

Turn the clock back to Tuesday and my struggle to ride home. For some reason I couldn't find a rhythm. I couldn't find a cadence. I couldn't find that moment when I've left work behind and I start 'riding my bike' home.

Was it my sweet new winter ride? I'm in the process of 'winterizing' one of our new Clubman's for the worse Seattle can throw at it. With the full tire wrapped fender action, comfortable/stable riding characteristics, and gears (!) this bike is going to see some winter abuse.

Was it the weather? It was a little breezy, but it wasn't slowing the ride down to a walk. And the grey clouds were just playing the part of a bully. Threatening, but not really doing anything.

Was it my apparel? The folks at Rapha would scoff at this as it looked like I drank the Rapha "Kool-Aid" with all of their stuff I had on.

Was it the new bag? I'm trying out a new bag from Sealine. I'm used to a messenger style single strap bag, and this one is a double strap back pack style.

Was it the lack of tunes/riding partner? I didn't have my Ipod with and I wasn't able to ride home with anyone that nite.

I pondered this the whole way home and couldn't figure out why this ride wasn't agreeing with me. I was perplexed and a little vexed.


Slurping my cup of ambition, I stared at my mountain of 'clean' clothes on the floor. (sigh) Is there anything I could do to avoid the funk-ride I had yesterday? So I decided a complete change from what I did the previous day was in order.

Instead of cycling clothes, I pulled on my trusty Carharts, cotton Tshirt, and non-cycling socks.

Instead of gears, I would ride my new Rush Hour Pro prototype. It's fixed (which is really scary) and has no cable actuated brakes (no drilling's on fork or frame).

Instead of the double strap pack, I slid my Dank bag over my shoulder.

Instead of silence, I put my Ipod in my pocket and turned out some People Under the Stairs.

The weather was still grey, but it was lighter than the day before. And don't ask me how but I was the lucky recipient of a tail wind into and leaving work.

It was if the Cycling Demi-Gods were punishing me on Tuesday, and then smiling on me with favor the next.

How big was the difference? So much so that I rode right past Raleigh and kept on riding for a couple more miles. I was having so much fun that I didn't want it to end, and I'm glad I didn't stop when I saw the Heron on the door. When the occasion arises, and everything clicks, there is no other place I'd rather be than on my bike.

I just hope my boss isn't reading this, because the excuse I gave for being late had nothing to do with some extra miles/smiles on the way in.


Motofish Images said...

that ride looks nice!

Mark B Ferrin said...

Hey I jut saw this bike parked outside Linda's not 5 minutes ago. Looks great.

I have been following the blog for a while, though have never commented. I actually have a question for you regarding employment at Raleigh. If you don't can you shoot me an e-mail?

thanks- Mark

BF kemyooter said...

Next time swing on in and say 'howdy'. I'm the with the Rainier patch on my bag, wearing the Rainier Vest, Rainier Hat, drinking Rainier.