Thursday, June 11, 2009

2010 Photo Shoot Day 2

{Every shoot should have Unicorns}
Day 2 was a bit of an accident. We were supposed to finish up in the studio with our Glamour Shots, however...when one of your models doesn't have the right thing to wear, you really can't get the shot you want. was 'bike to work day' and there was a huge after ride celebration going on in Ballard. So I made a quick executive decision that we'd head down there and see if we could get anything good...


{One-Way...with some improvements for this year}

{Really?! I am not a your freak'n job!}

{The Clubman got a little make over as well}

{Ballard was a flutter with bikes}

{notice a theme with how each days photo shoot ends?}

Next...we hit the mean streets and back alleys of downtown Seattle. And I'm reminded...again...why I ride a bike in this town and leave my truck for mountain bike adventures.


CAREY S-H said...

Damn. Sitting on the canal on a lovely evening in Seattle. I must say I do miss that.

The paint on the bikes look sharp!

BF kemyooter said...

Next time you're in town...the Rainier is on me.

Thanks...I think the whole line could cut ya this year.