Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Devil Take the Hindemost

When my "word hole" falls short...I rely on others. This was from the promoters of the MFG Cross series.

The intent of this night is to have “try-outs” (would we really turn people down, probably not) for some announcers for the MFG series. We needed something to announce, so why not a race? The plan is to meet up at Woodland Park, ready to race and announce by 6 pm.


We’ll be doing hot laps on a specific part of the MFG course. The laps will be fast (file treads?) with no barriers or running. We’ll be doing 3 heats of races, with hopefully 5-6 riders per heat. The race will be “miss-and-out” format after 3 neutral laps; after three laps, the last rider will be pulled until there is only 1 left!


Dress for the occasion, trim your beard, and try not to talk at work all day!. Right now we have 8 announcers, and you’ll be “calling” about two laps each. Google the shit out of the confirmed rider list, know your start list, and get ready to heckle the racers, name by name! We’ll provide a microphone and a lap top.

6 pm at The Tree, just across from the southern most bridge across Aurora.

And shortly afterwards...this little bugger sent me a text with his intentions to do me bodily harm out on the course tonite.

The gun show ready for action....I even have red spandex mandex if need be..
"Or is it the hammer brothers...that sounds better." One Gear One Mind

The Rainier has been tuned.
I'm picking up race fuel from Schooner Exact on my way over.
And my costume is almost complete.
Time to start praying to the cross gods to deliver me from sobriety.

If you're in the neighborhood tonite (6/17), grab your cowbell...the rest comes naturally.

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