Monday, June 15, 2009

PhotoShoot Day 4

It's pretty well known that I've got a 75watt bulb of intelligence that's running off of 45watts of power. I may not light up a room, but I do cast a shadow. And after 3 days of shooting pictures and having drinks when we were became quite clear we could save a lot of time if we just combined the two and did a shoot at a bar. Eureka! So off to Loretta's in South Park we went. (if you've never heard of Loretta's, and you hang out in bar's that people frequently say "this place was cool until..." then you never heard about this place from me)

{OneWay bellying up to the bar}

{Have you seen the review in CXMagazine?!}

{Cruiser looking cool standing still}

{Some fine detail on the Clubman}

{When the shoot went to shit}

{I mean really?! Who else is making a bike this pretty?!}

{From one pro to another...}


{New colors for the Rush Hour}

{Reflections from the Airstream}

{a fine Champagne toast to a sweet bike}

{don't know bout you...but I'd rather have a Hamm's}

{All in the family}

{I'm ready...}

Tomorrow...we turn to the commuter, and the West Side Invite starts.

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