Thursday, June 25, 2009

PhotoShoot Day ???

{if we get just ONE shot I'll be happy...right now, it's all crap}

I can't even remember any more. This day had waaaay too much going on. Started off in the arboretum with our new Misceo and Detour Deluxe as the primary bikes. Made our way to the West Side Invite to get some snaps of the Gridlock. I found myself at a BBQ and had an extremely blurry ride home.

{Misceo...a 'do all' vehicle}

{Really?! Are the two positions THAT different?!}

{New cockpit of the Detour Deluxe}

{Plus a whole new drivetrain}

{Consumer's Digest Best Buy...just got better}

{looks like the Alysa is just a little bit quicker}

{ know you want one}

{I swear this job drives me to drink}

{You know it's a party when the Snuggy comes out}

One day...and one bike left...and the quest for mud.

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