Friday, June 12, 2009

2010 PhotoShoot Day 3

Starbucks, Plaid/Grunge and Windows Vista are all scourges that Seattle has unleashed upon the world like a pandemic. There's nothing any of you can do about live with it. There are those here that try and level out our karmic values with the universe by frequenting coffee boutiques, wearing Gor-Tex 342 days a year, and eating the Apple to the core (at least those Hip enough to afford the hype).
Other things that are famous here and we can't live without...fenders and disc brakes. And since Raleigh has been based in the Emerald City for a number of years, these are things we think about when spec-ing a bike. Folks in dryer climates always bring this up thinking it's overkill...but in all honesty, there is no more consistent braking system than a disc brake. And I don't care where you live, if you ride a bike the weather will eventually catch up with you.
This day we went to Pike's Market to shoot a couple sweet commuter inspired/classic bikes that have evolved to include new technology.

{Ahhhh...the elusive sunny spring day in Seattle}

{check out the shadow of the drivetrain...}

{New AlleyWay integrated stem/handlebar set up}


{Superbe Roadster in it's second chic year}

There would've been more photos from today but my battery died out just before we started shooting the new Record Ace (Raleigh blast from the past). It also died before I could snap pictures of my truck being towed away with one-off bikes that couldn't be readily replaced (stupid parking spots that turn into tow away zones). Or could I snap any photos of my guests for the evening and the post-shoot libations and torrential storm that followed. Oh well...I can't put a picture of Rainier in EVERY post...can I?

Tomorrow...we head to the bar!

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Stefka said...

Those Veloforma girls make for good arm candy!