Friday, October 9, 2009

Cross Clash

Portland this.
Portland that.
Yeah, so what if they're the most bike friendly city in the US.
So what if they had 1400 people show up to their first Cross Crusade.
Sure, you can get married in a donut shop.
And I guess they have the most microbreweries in the world.

To me...this make it sound like the folks in the Rose City are getting soft. And the time is right for Seattle to flex it's muscle as the better Cross town in the PacNW.

Seattle isn't flat. (we have to work up hills)
Seattle has a lower rate of unemployment. (we work)
Seattle has more than one delightfully mediocre Pro Team. (more working class heros)
We pump our own gas in Seattle. (we aren't lazy)
Rainier beer. (Nuff said)

MFG has brought back the Grudge Cup. An all out battle Royal between Seattle and Portland. One town to rule the cross scene for a year.
Emerald City vs Rose City
Sasquatch (SEA) vs Unicorn (PDX).

While Big Foot is a formidable foe for the team has decided to adopt another character for this Battle.
A character that took on pure evil and won. (unless you've seen the Broadway Smash Wicked, then it's a whole nother story)
A sweet, innocent figure who just wants to bring the cup home to Emerald City.
And her outfit looks way better than trying to wear a fur tuxedo.

Come on out Saturday...we'll have Jelly Beans (cause that's what I like to think a Unicorn would bleed), a pinata, maybe some beverages, and we'll be slaying Unicorns all over the place.


Green River Jersey said...

Rainier Beer is brewed in Long Beach, CA.

Busto said...

One would think a bloodstream comprised of Jelly Beans would result in many of the same problems associated with Sickle Cell Anemia. Perhaps this is the root cause of the Unicorn's relegation to the realm of the supernatural.

But Bigfoot is definitely real.

BF kemyooter said...

GRJ...but the hops are from Yakima!

Busto...the blood only turns to Jelly Beans once it's exposed to air.