Monday, October 5, 2009

I sure don't remember a truck...

but something definitely ran me over this past month.

One stint as a teacher...those poor cross racers.
One Wedding.
One long scavenger hunt.
Three states. (actual States...not my mental well being)
One missed flight.
Three Cross races.
One SingleSpeedWorldChampionships.
Eleven total Hand Ups at those races...not including Bacon or Whiskey
Six "Mitch Morgans" (bacon + Bourbon shots)
One huge trade show.
Three evenings in Vegas I have a hard time remembering.
More than one opportunity missed.
Countless friends...some old, some new.
One Benefit.
One Tired Sally at the end of it all...

Here's a hazy photo bomb...

{Yeah, rinding in Telluride does not suck}

{If you find yourself in this place...}

{Drinking with the Real Mitch Morgan}

{You may find some of these on your table}

{And doing this shortly afterwards....uff}

{If you look can see the Coors can mountains}

{H-Ball agreed to a One Time SSWC sponsorship from me...sort of}

{SSWC cast of over 1000 characters}

{While "racing" the hike-a-bike, hydration was key}

{Like I said...hydrating is KEY!}

{Gratuitous shot of the SS WC}

{A blurry 12 hours later I was setting these things up for Dirt Demo}

{Right in front of 'those guys'}

{There was a race in Vegas...and I kept my Eye on the Prize}

{I got DQ'd from SSCXWC but not here?! Really?!}

{Of course it wasn't all work...add this helmet...}

{a sweet pool party where the crew I was with were the only ones getting wet}

{Even when we weren't in the pool...we were looking to get some...}

{InterBike Ended...and we got to let our hair down...}

{Well...those of us with hair could...}

{While others in our VIP area were politely asked to leave...}

{But some Hi-5s and we were all good...}

Now that everyone is up to speed...I can get back to doing whatever it is I normally do here.


Busto said...

You and Case, drunk, in a bathtub. I think next time you need to get a coupla of high energy physicists from your local electron super collider along for a study.

Brent said...

I was in T-ride the week before the SSWC2009 also, I also drank many Mitch Morgans, with Mitch Morgan. I had a wonderful time sleeping on the bathroom floor that night! Long live Mitch Morgan!

BF kemyooter said...

I don't even know if it's Mitch whose to blame anymore. I'm starting to think the owner of Fat Alley is the cause of ingesting so much bacon before breakfast