Friday, October 16, 2009

Ride and Shine

I don't know...someone said Rise and Shine this morning and Ride and Shine popped into my head. While I didn't feel like riding today in particular (100% chance of rain in Seattle this morning), this past weeks activities are still Riding and Shinning in my mind.

The "pretty killers" have started to litter the bike paths of Seattle again. It's that time of year where the foliage is falling as fast as the rain. And when you combine the two of them together, the result can be a yellow brick road of carnage.

The Grail got moved to a new home for the week. In order to keep the Grail safe we've decided we're going to keep it on the move and yet keep it on display at various locations around Seattle. It's currently resting at a local bike shop for people to stop in and pay homage. I'm not going to give away the location as I'm sure I'm being monitored by some Dick Turpin in PDX trying to figure out how to get it back. I will say, the name of the shop is Croatian for "in the hills, or mountains".

And for those of you not familiar with the Rules that surround the's a brief overview as they were passed down to me.

1. No defacing of the grail. The Grail is bigger than all of us. Respect her. This includes stickers, she's not a billboard for your pathetic political causes.
2. The Grail must be on public display during normal business hours. Not locked away with the gimp you keep in your basement.
3. The Grail must be present at all official Grail events held in the Northwest, no matter who is in possession. This includes Starcross, Grail weekend, USGP weekend, SSCXWC, Nationals, and any time Brad Ross is seen wearing a dirty Carhart jacket.
4. There has been a lifetime restraining order placed on Johnny Sundt and Geoff Kabush. Neither are allowed within 100 feet of the grail. This also goes for their mechanics, girlfriends, boyfriends, and well all Canadians.

And for good measure...just a little bit of smack talk.

Still undetermined if the Hodala Racing squad will ride with our heads high at this weekends Cross Crusade...I might be trying to acquire a mobile fun house instead.

{Embrocation thru Inebriation}

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