Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puppy Kickers...

This past weekend was supposed to be a celebration of the Grunge Cup battle being revived. A Battle between two of the great cross towns. A time to put all the boasting and taunting aside. A time to leave it all out on the cross course. A time to let the Cross do all the talking.

{it started off all smiles between everyone}

{the Emerald City had Flying Monkeys ready for flight}

{Fly my pretty....}

{follow the yellow brick road??????}

At the end of Saturday, the Emerald City...with the cast of Oz representing the SS...stood atop of the battle. And with purest of generosity the fine people from Seattle invited the racers from the south to join them in merriment and beverage after the barriers were put away. There was much revelry and tales from the day that were shared. And then...those mouth breathers from the south showed their true colors as they assaulted the young woman guarding the cup and stole it from the days rightful victors.

{Wanted : PDX Grail Theives}

What happened next is almost too terrible to write. And more terrible to look at. If you DO NOT want to see the cup being desecrated...DO NOT open this link. I will warn you...there is nudity and perversion being done to the most holy of holy cups. (seriously...those PDX racers are weird!)

Our troops rallied and made the trip the next day right into the belly of the beast. As the fates would have it though...Cross Crusade was hosting a race in the town of Rainier....perfect.

We battled hard.

We battled admirably.

And after many of us from Seattle fought for 5 laps to make it though the cattle drive of over 110 SS racers...Portland got one last jab in. Right when I was going to start my 6th and final lap, the officials just 'happened' to start pulling riders....even though I had bravely made it to the top 1/3rd of the field. (insert head shake here)

{nice boots susan...}

The last laugh however would be ours. As I type this the grail is safely back in Seattle's loving arms. The grail will be making a tour around Seattle over the next couple weeks and I'll be sure to post some pictures as to where it can be viewed. Most of these will be slightly cryptic in order to keep those Stumptown slurping, grail stealing, heathens confused.

Dave got action from both days. And CX Magazine has a write up on both and here.


DRjr said...

Mouth Breathers! I'll have you know that mouth breathing is medically proven to be more efficient than any other kind of breathing. I read it on Wikipedia so it has to be true!

BF kemyooter said...

Ahhh...Wikipedia. Is there anything it can't do?!

Todd said...

Seriously, how have you gone so long with the same pair of gloves? Willie Nelson's guitar isn't even close to being as beat up as those things.

BF kemyooter said...

I know...right?! And people say I'm "non-commital". Whatever. When I find something I's till death do us part.