Friday, September 19, 2008

At A Loss for Words

My brain is mush from getting everything ready for the "big show" next week. My 'word hole' feels broken so I'll I'm going to take you through a visual journey. First I'll finish up my Eurobike post with the last of my pictures, follow that with a 'one is the loneliest' number ride, and finish with some cross sweetness.

{The show was at a Zeppelin hanger after all}

{Main entrance and great people watching spot}

{Viva bikes caught my attention}

{ carbon anywhere!}

{I found Nemo hanging out at the show as well}

{Brooks had a Pegoretti}

{Definitely interested in trying the belt drive}

{Final parting words of wisdom from Europe}

This past weekend I escaped my cell phone, city, and general craziness for a couple days before I pour myself on a plane this weekend for Sin City. I decided a trip to Orcas Island was what I needed, and as always I wanted to ride a bike. However, my companion doesn't ride that often so I figured a Companion would be perfect for some short rides while there. Unfortunately, I needed a way to get it home before the weekend...and it's 18 miles to my house...

{What's wrong with this picture?}

{One is the loneliest number}

{I could've sworn she was there a minute ago...}

Before we left for the islands I had to stop and put down one of these...

Smarty Pants does it again with their Bacon-tini. It's a lot better than it looks.

Last nite was the last bike in movie nite at my house for the summer. And in a surprise move my buddy Nat showed up with a Birthday (that's what I told myself) slash Cross season present. Now tell me...if you can find a better looking vest than this...

To go along with this....

I'd like to see it! Doom has truly outdone himself with that vest...again.

Speaking of the big red R Raleigh...this weekend is StarCrossed and next week is CrossVegas. If ya'll find yourselves in the neighborhood...swing on by. The only thing I'm counting on in Vegas is being Disqualified for violation of UCI rule 12.1.040:50 which "prohibits Unauthorized Refreshments in a Cyclocross race". Wish me luck.

I really failed at posting from Eurobike (obviously) I'll try better in Vegas with no promises.

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