Tuesday, September 9, 2008

European Vacation Day 1

The only thing missing was Chevy Chase, a bell and Big Ben.

The carbon has settled. All the white bicycles have been packed up. The schnitzel stands and beer gardens have moved on to the next festival. The 2008 Eurobike is now just a blurry 28 hours of flight-time-memory, but what an amazing show it was.

In the last few years I've hit some smaller bike expos, the Taipei trade show, the Handmade Show in Portland, various InterBikes...this was my first ever Eurobike and I still can't believe what a show they put on. The Europeans take their bicycles very serious and this show exemplified it perfectly. All the grand displays, the carbon, the celebrities, the carbon, the side shows, the carbon, the food, and we found some carbon.

The flight times are such that we left at the crack of dawn on a Wednesday and arrived at the crack of dawn on a Thursday. Early enough for us to get cleaned up and head straight to the show. While we were all a little bleary eyed from the flight a quick shot of gas station espresso, some cured meats, pastries and we were ready to hit the show. Here's a couple quick pictures from the first day...

{who knew Pederson made a tandem!?}

{Rohloff hubs were on EVERYTHING!}

{I don't even know what this means...but it's provocative!}

{Built in stops and racks}

{this bike look a little overbuilt and overdesigned for a bike with a 'closet' in the middle}

{It became VERY evident that you could put too much white on a bike}

{How do Europeans stay so thin when they eat like this all the time?!}

Our first day was pretty short as we were all stumbling around trying to stay awake. We headed out for a little bit of grub and as much shut eye as we could muster...

I'll put up some more pictures from Day 2 tomorrow. The show got a little weird with over-done graphics, psycho kids, our first fixie sightings, and the European version of the 29er.

Stay tuned.

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