Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Escape

Words by PJ

This weekend my girlfriend Stacey and I took off on our bikes to Seabeck, WA, in the Hood Canal. Stacey just got a new Raleigh Rx-1 cyclocross bike and this was a great opportunity to test it out on a 40 mile round trip trek around the Olympic peninsula.

{those that rode}

Our trip began late Saturday morning when we hopped the Bremerton ferry from downtown Seattle. We enjoyed some delicious $6 beers on the ferry to prepare us for the hilly twenty-mile ride to the park. I was trepidatious about the trip because I was towing a loaded 70+ pound trailer filled with all the necessary items needed for 3-day camping trip. Well I don’t need to say my legs are a little tired after the weekend but we managed to get to and from the campsite with all the necessities.

{Loaded...the trailer that is}

Even though the campsite at Scenic Beach was sold out, the ranger had an extra campsite for us she held for mixed-up reservations. There is special bicycle camping available at Scenic Beach, which is not as nice as the car camping site we camped in, but it was nice to know that was available just in case we got booted from our campsite. The ranger gave us the bicycle camping rate, which is half the price of car camping, so we were stoked. And, the camp host gave us free firewood so we didn’t have to ride the two miles to the town of Seabeck to buy it from the general store on our first night. Our luck couldn’t get any better.

{caption choice...Pitch'n tent or You can't beat free wood}

The peninsula has some killer hills but the trip went off great and Sunday I had some time to cruise around without the trailer. The weather was pretty darn good except for the 48-degree evening on Sunday, which didn’t make for pleasant late night bathroom trips. We rode back on Monday and got lost in Bremerton somehow. Then we hit a road block, literally, where the bridge had been washed out and we decided to walk our bikes (and trailer) across the creek instead of following the detour all the way around. We stopped by the Blackberry Festival in downtown Bremerton and ate $4 corn on the cob before hopping on the ferry back to Seattle.

{Bridge?! What bridge?!}

Anyway I highly recommend biking to Scenic Beach for a quick getaway weekend trip.


CAREY S-H said...

PJ...you've got a girlfriend? RAD!!!What a kick ass sounding weekend! Totally dig the trailer.

How'd your g-friend enjoy the RX 1.0?

Mini-touring on the bike on a long weekend is such an enjoyable thing. More of us should think about spending our weekends that way and investigating the local flavor that exists 40, 50, 80, 100 miles out from the city. Experiencing pure Americana on a bicycle is the way to go!!! In a car you miss too much of the details.

What bike are rolling on?


PJ said...

Hi Carey , yup got a girlfriend and she is rad , Im riding a Salsa LaCruz all kinged out I love it ! Rides like a sweet old steel road bike

Jason B said...

Hi guys. Do you know where I can find an overstock 2007 or 2008 Raleigh One Way? 53cm to be exact? I really want a One Way but don't have it in the budget for a new one and I can't find any used ones for sale on Craigslist or Ebay. Thank you!

BF kemyooter said...

Jason...unfortunately, the best way for you to find a 2008 is to check out our Dealer locator on our homepage and start pounding the streets. We're sold out of 2008 and are waiting patiently for the 2009. Good Luck.