Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Out

Heading for Eurobike at the A$$ crack of dawn tomorrow. I'm going to try and take my personal computer with and do a couple postings from the show...however my computer isn't exactly new so we'll see if it has a translator built in so it can speak with their interwebs over there. Wish me luck
Over and out.


CAREY S-H said...

PJ...you've got a girlfriend? RAD!!!What a kick ass sounding weekend! Totally dig the trailer.

How'd your g-friend enjoy the RX 1.0?

Mini-touring on the bike on a long weekend is such an enjoyable thing. More of us should think about spending our weekends that way and investigating the local flavor that exists 40, 50, 80, 100 miles out from the city. Experiencing pure Americana on a bicycle is the way to go!!! In a car you miss too much of the details.

What bike are rolling on?


CAREY S-H said...

oops! this comment was supposed to go on PJ's posting sorry!