Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too Soon?

I don't know what the weather has really been like across the US this summer. I've been planted in Seattle for almost the entire "summer". I've had a hard time using the term "summer this year as it never really gave us what we wanted out of a 'normal' NW summer. Usually we can expect a fair number of warm days when the heat warning goes out to the entire city.

"Highs could reach the upper 80's today! With this record heat wave that could extend into 3 days, fans have been flying off local merchants shelves in an attempt to curb the heat. Remember to drink lots of water and pay extra attention to your pets and the elderly."

My lawn never got to that spectacular shade of brown that I've grown to love around August, and my flour white skin is turning translucent. (sigh)

So when I rode home last nite and saw that the trees have had enough and are starting to get ready for fall...I officially wrote off the summer of 2008.

This morning, I started wearing my fall riding gear and I have to say...I was actually glad to be putting this stuff back on. It helped me move on from the summer that never was and into the fall I hope it will be. My arm warms slid on a little easier, my Carhart's didn't know...stiff. My vest blocked out the early morning cool and my sunglasses started out on my helmet rather than my face. The fenders are still off though...that accessory I always wait until I regret waiting. To add the fender is to admit total defeat and accepting winter's soggy shoes.

The transition was a lot easier than I thought it would be...and there's always next summer...right?


chiggins said...

Funny thing, this summer in DC has been the thunderstormiest I've known since the days of my early yoot in the midwest. I don't think I coulda done it without the fenders.

Colors look great!

ChrisB. said...

I guess the weather was OK here in lovely Southern New England, but in some ways I feel like it was squandered it away . . . which wasn't entirely my fault as we're moving half way across the state.

In a couple of weeks I'll be glad to embrace fall in rural Connecticut. Bonus: I will soon reside just a couple of short miles from the great Richard Sachs (as well as local Raleigh dealer Rad Sport Outfitters).