Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Do you smell the Vegan Killer?

WARNING. This post has NOTHING to do with Bicycles. And EVERYTHING to do with Bacon.

Yes...I do have more to write up on various subjects from Vague-ass, to the leaves turning, to De-Motivation, and a Rapha Roller Race going on in conjunction with the Manifest this weekend in Portland. However, all of that takes a back seat to the only meat ever referred to as 'candy'.

The reason for this post and the reason it is appearing on this site came from Dirt Demo at Interbike. While I was spinning pedals on and off of bicycles, answering various questions about a variety of topics I heard a voice in the tent ask..."Is Bacon Brian here?"
While I have a variety of nick names, I have never...and I mean never...been referred to as Bacon Brian. Sure, I've lived with a number of vegetarians over the years. And a quite a few people trying to watch what they were pushing through their system. But this never stopped me from making up the most holy of pork products in the morning. And inevitably, after I'd moved out, someone would tell me that they missed the smell of Bacon in the morning. Vegans, Vegetarians, Doctors, Trainers, Girlfriends, didn't matter. It seems everyone loves, at least the smell, of Bacon.

This affinity for the marbled meat has created a Bacon Sanctuary at my desk. I have What Would Bacon Do decision makers. Bacon Wallet. Bacon Mints. Bacon air fresheners. Bacon Band-Aids. I even have a Bacon Wave for making bacon at work. (Mind you...most of these were gifts. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) And my Race'n Bacon pine wood derby car sits proudly next to my monitor.

So it really should come as no surprise that at our final diner at Interbike my boss ordered me up my own separate plate of Bacon which we made Bacon-tinis and Bacon Ice cream with.

{Don't Yuck it till you try it...this was awesome!}

When I arrived back in Seattle and found the courage to open my Inbox I found a variety of emails with Bacon in the subject line. Here are a few of the more note able finds...
(click on the pictures for the links)

{In this election year...this is definitely a combo I can stand behind}

{I think I like their stand on "Trying Anything Once"}

{Make sure you floss afterwards though}

{Can you really be over prepared for an emergency?!}

{In case you're like me and simply can't wait...}

If you want the smell of bacon but have had your fill of it for the day (yeah that would happen!) You could always just light the Crispy Bacon Jar and fill your house with the smell and none of the mess.

{I actually find this picture disturbing...}

And just so you know I'm not alone out there...these people seem to have a slightly larger addiction than I do.

So maybe Bacon Brian is an appropriate Nickname. It sure is a lot more 'normal' than a lot of my other nick names.


Yokota Fritz said...

You're a very sick man.

I posted some photos of you to Flickr:

You and Nan (Joy Rider Clothing) during the fashion show.

Not you, but still cool: Muffy on a Raleigh during the fashion show.

Your cool Raleigh vests at the Raleigh booth.

BF kemyooter said...

I couldn't agree more.

Thanks for the pictures...they look awesome! Hope you don't mind but I used a few of them in another posting on our website.

Yokota Fritz said...

My pleasure. And Oh yeah. How did I miss that?

Gunther said...

Moments after I uttered that fateful moniker

BF kemyooter said...

I was hoping that picture was floating around there somewhere.