Monday, October 20, 2008

Lapse in Judgement

Note. If you find yourself having a couple Barley Pops with Nightstick...don't...I repeat...don't agree to do a mountain bike ride with him on your Single Speed Cross bike.
Because when morning rolls around and you find yourself on your way to the Ferry with a couple of guys on Mountain Bikes, and he calls saying "I thought you meant (whichever) Ferry. I don't think I can make it to (the ferry we were meeting at) Ferry in time." That's when you find yourself screwed and holding on for dear life for the next 3 1/2 hours.
Don't get me wrong here. I had a blast.
The guys I ride with are awesome.
The trail is swoopy and fun.

I LOVE my Raleigh Rainier.
I love riding single speed.
I love riding single speed cross.

But somewhere around the Chevy Celebrity on our ride in Banner Park...that's when I was wishing I had fatter tires and disc brakes.

Despite my gripes about the Seattle skies, I don't know of too many places you can live where you can get up in the morning, have a stellar cup of coffee, (I just wish I would've had enough time to make some of these this morning!) hop on a ferry and 30 minutes later be riding your bike on 25 miles of single track.

{The space 2 bikes take up on a Ferry VS...}

{Imagine how many bikes you could fit in here!}


On a completely different note. Check out the Raleigh Web Site. It's been changed it up a bit and there are some new backgrounds to look at. (Just who is that handsome devil in some of those pictures?!)


Chris said...

Is that Angry Paul, awesome, say hi for me.

fomenter said...

that Vitamin R-cycle is indeed a beauty.