Thursday, October 9, 2008


I can't stand this, you know I planned this.
I'm going to set it straight, this Roller Race!
I'm not wear'n Rapha When I'm in here
'Cause the bikes we're race'n, you know they came from here
So, while you heckle and throw beer in my eye
We'll dismount and F'n run right by
Oh my god, it's a Mirage
I'm tell'n ya'll it's SABOTAGE!

So...we'll see if they regret their decision to invite me to bring a team down this weekend. If any of you find yourself in Portland for the Manifest you should find some sweet 70's style gear, get dressed up in it, and come heckle the pants off me and my SABOTAGE squad.


Craig e said...

Oh yeah, and what you see you might now get....damn!

ManfredCH said...

Great Sabotage and great Rapha Roller Race.
Manfred Nuescheler - Roller Cycling Record Holder -

BF kemyooter said...

I'm going to consider that a blessing from the Record Holder himself! With him on our side...we cannot fail!