Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'd Rather Be Riding...

...but it feels like I'm running.
It's late.
I'm still at the office.
I didn't get to ride my new bike in today. (nope, not that one...I got another that'll I'll let ya'll see next week)
I haven't posted a thing yet this week!
I'm heading out of town tomorrow and I haven't packed...shoot, I don't even know what I'm going to be for Halloween yet this year. (the most beloved of holidays in my family) I might just have to crack out what I wore last year.

{What you don't see is the SlimJim wand completing the RedNeckFairy outfit}

If I was sticking around Seattle for the weekend you could almost bet that I would be at this event... Shoot...I don't even thing Vegas would be willing to place a wager on that! What really gets me is I know the inventor of the Mitch Morgan drink you see highlighted in their flier. Crud...I think I hold the record for the largest Mitch Morgan EVER drank...and I most likely own the record for the 'shortest amount of time it took to lose a pair of pants after drinking a Mitch Morgan' as well.

I digress...that is a story for another time.

However after the great Bacon Brawl I'm sure you'd find me at MessMann's event as well.

And lastly...don't forget that SSCXWC are just over a week away!'s been a year, and the only thing that has even come close to the amount of fun I had at the first SSCXWC was the RollerCross event we attended just a little while ago.
I have a theme, I have a team, and I'm now dreaming of this event and will be counting down the days till we get there.
(And as a little motivation to any of you out there...a Raleigh Rainier frameset will be given away as one of the prizes)
If there's more fun to be had on a bike than at a Cross event...I want to know about!
Happy Halloween


sherry said...

wait, how do I win the Rainier frameset?? I want it!

MESDAG said...

Dude...where do you find the time?

Kazeebo said...

check out those guns!!!!!

BF kemyooter said...

Sherry...first of all, I still need a Bacon Maple Bar before you are even considered to be in the running!

Mesdag...I'm single for a reason.

Kazeebo...that's what a thousand squat thrusts a day will get ya.