Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Man-O-Man am I on top of things around here! I still have a bunch of stuff I want to write about Interbike...but since I just posted the perfect NW Cross race I should show how folks do it in Nevada.

First off I'll say I'm the luckiest boy at Raleigh. All because I like to go out and make a fool of myself I got excused from a massive company function the night of CrossVegas. Only a couple of us got Hall Passes and I was psyched to be one of them.

Earlier in the day the Vigilantes over at Yakima gave me a call and informed me that they were going to be riding to the race for warm up.
Warm up? Isn't that were you huddle up with as many people as you can to stay warm, take nips off the bottle, and doubt forms in your head about why we do this kind of thing?! Apparently some kids take this stuff seriously...but the Vigilantes are a fun crew so I was 'all-in' for a ride over to the race. Although half way there, with sweat pouring out of my hat, and the hair dryer on HI in my mouth...I was reconsidering my choice.

The field was deep...again...somewhere around 90 riders. They crammed us all into the Finish area like cattle heading for the slaughter house. I was relieved to hear them calling up names of all the important people. I figured being the new marketing guy over at Raleigh I'd be called up for sure...they never called my name...they never called it. I couldn't believe it (I was soooo shocked). So the rest of us all rolled up to the start line and fired the gun...

{See if you can spot the Coveralls in the first few minutes and then again around 6.45}

After we completed the 'parade loop' and rolled past the announcers, they announced the race would be 3 laps.


I don't know how many of you have done a cross race but that's barely enough time for your cow bell hand to get warmed up.

At that point I gave my shoulders a shrug and in an attempt to get DQ'd found out where the beer garden was. I stopped every lap to share a beer with a fine gentleman who could see I was Popeye in need of a boost...but was never pulled.

Approaching the last leg of the race I happened upon Neil of Road Magazine settling into a 'finishing' pace. I've met Neil before but it was a couple years, and job positions, ago for me so I knew he wouldn't remember me if I grabbed his ass. So I held off and went around him...or so I thought. As soon as we hit the next sharp turn Neil went flying by me. I could hear his thoughts brewing in his head as he stood up and drove his bike through the carpet.
"I'm NOT going to let a guy in coveralls beat me. Let alone a guy riding a single speed wearing coveralls."
Normally I wouldn't mind, however today was different. And this was a different rider.
So I stayed on Neils wheel until we got to the finish line and came around him with my guns in the air. YAHOO...I probably beat Neil for 65th or something!

{I actually had GRASS STAINS instead of mud!}

Anyway. Afterwards the Vigilantes informed me they were one of the title sponsors and had a VIP area with free beer, food and the best seats in the house for the Elite categories. How awesome is that?! I ran into a few more folks from Portland...

{Hi Sherry!}

and we all watched Lance give a go with the big boys of the US Cross scene.

After the race was over the Vigiliantes grabbed me and drug me on their double decker party bus they had chartered for the event...WHAT?! A double decker bus?! And I didn't have to wait in line with everyone else to catch a shuttle back to the strip!? Is there no end to how sweet this night is going?

{You can make out a Rapha dude, an FSA lady, and...well...I really don't know}

As for the rest of the nite...all I will say is I ended up at the Sinclair party...still wearing my coveralls...with my race number still attached.

The next day on the show floor was not an easy one. Especially with the buzz we created with the outfits we were wearing...but that's another story.

Bacon tomorrow...


pilderwasser said...

I've got your nipple driver T shirt right here.

Josh said...

What Headset's are you guys saying to use on the Rainier?

BF kemyooter said...

Pilder...OMG! OMG! OMG! I'll have to meet up with ya at Shorty's or something one of these days.

Josh...if you got your name on the list, the bike comes with the headset. So you have no worries.

Josh said...

Awesome, thanks!

One Gear One Mind said...

i love argyle and I love you, like bacon and donuts you and me, although I think you are the bacon adn I the donut, but who is really paying attention anyways....