Monday, October 13, 2008


This morning I was finally able to wash the blood, sweat and beer off me from this weekend. The Manifest was beautiful, the cross race a riot, and the Roller event...well...we'll just say this. Of the 14 teams invited to participate, there was only one from Seattle.

Four Rainier drinking single speed riding Saboteurs vs 52 of Oregon's finest and rowdiest

David vs Goliath

A Poindexter vs the Bully

(Suffice it to say...we were a long shot)
And as the beer began to dry and stick to rider and one team stood alone at the top.

Our little "NightStick" took home the honor and top prize of a custom built Signal bike of his choosing.

There will be much, much more posted about this weekend...however, I'm currently tired and polluted. For now you can see a few more pictures here.


pilderwasser said...

yeah. yes. word. Fucking A++. right on and all that. And all that and more. yes

CAREY S-H said...

Hope you all enjoyed yourself.

I knew I brought down the right team...I should be a professional recruiter or something for the cycling world :)

Craig E. rocks and has to be one of the nicest people on earth. It was a treat to watch him race...super smooth.

Until next time kids!!!


matt said...

what's with "nightstick"?

Mary said...

What is mysterious 'Nightstick's' real name?!

Portland bloggers seem to be confused.

BF kemyooter said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce Mr Craig Ethridge. Local wonderboy and one of the nicest lads you will ever meet.