Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cat 4 Commuter

My alarm struggled to wake up this morning, right along with me. Letting out a random, painful, chirp instead of a rhythmic beep. Was that last IPA really necessary last nite? Ugh. I need coffee.

Today's the day. It's been over a month since I made my way on two wheels into Raleigh HQ, and today I start a new year of commuting, riding, living.

Looking around the room I gathered together all my "normal" riding gear. Shoes, socks, Chrome Knickers, gloves, *new* Rapha Cross Jersey, jacket, riding cap and helmet. The forecast called for nothing but the sun's rays to be falling from the sky today. So I tempted fate and grabbed my fenderless single speed, and away I went.

{any day that starts off with this view...}

Turns out I was a little overconfident when selecting my apparel. What was the correct selection last time I rode, turns out to be not enough in January. My thumbs were the first to succumb to the cold. Followed by my ears, nose, toes, and shins. How could this rookie mistake have happened?! This isn't the first time I've commuted in the winter. In the time away from the bike did I kill the b-cell that I need to dress myself? Or was I suffering from overconfidence...thinking 'been there, done that'?
Anyway, I suffered. And all it really takes is one good ride of suffering to over prepare for the next ride.

{Cross is over...but the mud crossings continue}

{wasn't it sunny a few pictures ago?!}

{maybe some long socks tomorrow or pants}

I will throw this in...I was almost regretting the trade of my winter hat for the sweetest coozie ever this morning. Fortunately, my ears will be taunting my thumb, nose, toes, and shins on the ride home. The mail man arrived today with my replacement winter hat. I will NOT be so willing to part with this one. And of all the high end items they make at Rapha...this hat is my absolute favorite thing they make.


FSA said...

"was that last IPA necessary?" I didn't think I'd ever hear those words come out of your mouth. I'm shedding a tear for the good old days.

Dan O said...

Yesterday was the first commute in over two weeks for me - 'cept I was way over dressed and roasted my ass off.

Great commute shots. I dig your blog and check it often. Nice job.

Jbucky said...

shoot, i wish my leg warmers would stay up with my chrome knickers, would be the perfect commute combo. one would have figured someone to design around this...

yoderman said...

Here I am thinking the ride this week is somewhat tolerable. Rivers are no longer covering the trails and the awful rain from last week subsided for a bit. Those were some terrible wet rides.

BF kemyooter said... boss reads this, I'm trying to improve my 'image'.

Dan O...I have a feeling that will be me tomorrow. Is Down too much to wear on a bike?


Yoderman...Seattlites are never happy. Couldn't agree more though. Dry + Sun = Awesome