Friday, January 9, 2009

It's like an Etch-A-Sketch

Draw something pretty. Draw some crazy lines through it. Shake it up. Start over again.

I've been away from this place for a little while. Not because I've been away, but because I've been off my bike. There have been things I could've posted. There's always stuff to talk about, fun new toys, ideas, but when i don't ride it feels a little hypocritical to write here. And after a pretty full year of riding I became a little tired and disenchanted with my bike. As Carey used to say...I lost the 'rhythm and flow' that keeps me on my bike on a daily basis. So after the USGP I hung up the bikes as the long, dark, wet ride into the Raleigh Mother Ship held absolutely no appeal. I tucked my shoes onto a shelf next to my helmet, got an oil change on my truck, upped my subscription to Netflix and settled down for a long winters nap.

Next week will mark 1 solid month of me staying off two wheels (apart from the late nite 'medicine' run). Fortunately (?) Seattle has been the scene of a Michal Bay Eco-Disaster movie as of late. With epic snow storms, days of rain, figid temps, flooding, and I swear I've seen that damn Shia LaBeouf running's been rather easy to trap myself in a car than brave the elements.
Next week though...I get back at it. The bike and this blog, and suffice it to say...I'm ready.

In the mean time these were a couple items that floated across my desk that I thought I should share.

I always thought, when our Coasting bike came out, that the chain was the coolest part of the whole thing. Maybe the big S is realizing that and going to sell them aftermarket.

One of the events I'm planning to attend this year is SSWC in Durango. Registration just opened the other day and I'm sharpening up my Crayolas right now to make the sweetest entry form ever!

{that Chad is such a dream boat!}

I read an interview with the Bike Snob over at Belguim Knee Warmers and realized that we're pretty similar...well...our attitude toward racing seems to be similar. And I figure that's where the similarity ends and I'm not that witty of a writer, not nearly as creative or sarcastic enough, an probably not as good a rider.

However, I feel that my Jedi training is almost complete. After a accidental "lunch meeting" with Mr Pilderwasser I managed to trade him for the most holy of holy coozies ever created.

That coozie ain't gonna fill it's self. I'm outta here.

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