Thursday, January 22, 2009

From Couch to 92 in...

an all day effort.

Who : Recycled Cycles Racing and 1 Rainier bloated Raleigh Super Model
What : Early season group ride/Training weekend
When : January 17, 18, 19
Where : Bellingham, WA
Why : I'm still asking that same question

{Getting an early start}

{and it's awful cold...}

{frost+chipseal=slick roads and busted up shoulders}

{There is no I in team...}

{pain train}

{ride faster or get run over}

{this was the view I had all day...hanging on}

Lessons learned...
1) Getting off the couch and doing your first ride with a race team...dumb
2) Groups can be more fun than riding alone. However it's hard to talk to anyone when your jaw is frozen
3) I'm never believing anyone when they say it's going to be a "flat ride" unless I'm in North Dakota
4) Spin to Win is one of the dumbest phrases I've ever heard
5) When off the racers watch bike racing on TV
6) When everyone is training, and you show up with a bunch of drink all the beer

Raleigh is proud to sponsor this bunch of bike riding hooligans. You can see them in action here and at a race in the Pacific North West near you.

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Tyler said...

Nice post Sally. Next time you will have to ride with the group that actually pushes on the pedals. Our next training camp is in about a month...

Cheers- Blake