Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Photos...

A quick collection of pictures taken during the week...and what a weird week it was. Monday was bitter cold. Mid week was sublime. And this morning I rode in so much fog that I became a part of it.
Anyway...just a view from my bike.

{The 'easy way' at Pikes Market}

{So fast, the camera can't focus....yeah, that's it}

{Lunch Hour, Rush Hour, Testing Time}

{I always think of Fargo when I see random wood chips. Is that weird?}

{Not a single rain drop was used in these photos}

Next week...some sneak peak photos of our new Carbon Frame. If you can't wait till then...visit us on Facebook for an early sneak peak.

Have a great weekend.


Bárður Örn said...

Nice comment on your bikes on a great new bike blog from Victoria, B.C.:

Keep up the good work!

BF kemyooter said...

Thanks for the heads up. Always nice to come across another blog site.