Monday, January 26, 2009

Recurring Rides

Ride enough, and you're bound to see some similarities.

6:00 am and my phone is buzzing, waking me before my alarm.

In my waking state my mind instantly went back a year and my thoughts scrambled. I sit up straight in my bed and think, "Sh*t! That was Carey texting me saying she was leaving Ballard and will see me at ACC in a little bit. I gotta get moving!"
After another moment my head cleared and I remembered that neither Carey nor Matt ride with me to or from work. Shoot, they don't even meet up with me for beers anymore. Those days are left for adventures to Portland anymore.
It's 26 degrees in Seattle. No where near the Penguin freezing temperatures I grew up with in the MidWest, but out here...its a damp cold that saturates your bones and never dries. I really don't want to ride today.
As I'm injecting my coffee and watching color spread itself across the sky, the Morning Show reminds me that it's cold...but it's going to be the only rain/snow free day of the week. Sh*t. Going back to first thoughts of the day...if Carey was here, she'd be riding to work. Double Sh*t.
Riding apparel today...everything you could find at a farm supply store. My Kinco thick work gloves, long underwear, hat, flannel lined Carharts, and 2 pars of socks.
The ride was cold. But at every pedal revolution I ran into memories of Carey and Case.

From cold rides into work.

The Views....



Some of the apparel choices.


{Riding through PDX last year}

{this morning at Raleigh's front door}

Then as I got closer to HQ the sun stretched itself over Cascades and provided me with a riding partner for a small stretch.

{Carey then}

New Riding Partner from Saleigh on Vimeo.

I was just lacking a stop at Hooverville at the end of the day...

Good times...thanks for the ride.


Arleigh said...

Video camera or camera on point and shoot?

BF kemyooter said...

Just my clunky point and shoot on Video.

CAREY S-H said...

stop making me commute sick. if I was there it for sure be riding with you:::::I throughly miss our rides in the mornings and evenings.

Soon I will be up for a memorial ride.