Thursday, January 17, 2008

ME in Team

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It’s cold so I spent an extra 15 minutes in bed milking the warmth of my comforter.
I turn on ‘John in the Morning’ to hear him groan about the weather while the water boils for my Coffee.
It’s cold…but only a 15% chance of rain.
20 miles each way to work.
15%...20 miles…plus I slept in. Ugh.

The only way I can ride in on days like this are to grab one extra cup of sludge, play the rain odds and grab my fender-less Team bike. While it is my Race bike (if you want to call what I do racing) it doubles as my ‘I need to trim some time off my commute’ bike as well. The frame is light, stiff, comfortable and yellow (saving me the indignity of having to wear it on my body). My Dura-Ace components work like every single review you have or will ever read on ‘em. The Dura-Ace wheel-set is the nicest wheel-set I’ve ever ridden that weren’t hand built. I’m trying to get rid of my Easton handle bar with an annoyingly HUGE Wing on them…my hands feel more comfortable around a pint glass not a Trapper Keeper. The Easton stem, seatpost, and Truvative Rouleur cranks attach and help guide me on the bike provided the java went straight to my extremities.

15%...20 miles…plus I slept in. I should be right on time.

Sweet little trio of Dura-Ace, Raleigh, & Twin Six

It's all about personal possession or is it passion?


chunk said...

If your bike's so fast you should ride down Cali next month. Old Man Norris is going to be on the couch. You could camp out on the floor then things could start to get ridiculous.

C said...

Actually your DuraAce wheelset was built entirely by hand.

Brian said...

You got me C...I had originally wanted to say "that weren’t hand built by me"...but I cut it out and just left it as you read it. I just got the most recent ROAD magazine and they do a complete write up on the Shimano Singapore facility and the handbuilt wheels they do there. Check it out.