Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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Yesterday morning Brian and I rode through Georgetown with a heavier heart than normal because the Rainier Cold Storage & Ice building was a skeletal mess of re-bar, brick, and glass. This building was home to three breweries in 1893 and of those three, Rainier Beer was one, that would help put this building on the map as being one of the sixth-largest brewing facility in the world.

So, now the "vacant warehouses standing tall on the edge of Airport Way, making you feel like you're riding through an urban canyon" will no longer be a highlight to our rides in the morning. It is sad and as I had mentioned in an earlier post, "Georgetown is one of the last little pockets in Seattle's industrial area that hasn't been taken over by the LOFTIES"

We can only hope that this vacant lot doesn't become home to the "lofties."

For a more detailed article

Looking south down Airport Way.

After photographing the Rainier Cold Storage building we found this clown in a nearby window and Brain swore it was the clown from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

What do you think?

The result of me photographing Brain...

...the result of Brain photographing me.
Who's camera is better?

Do you think it will hold?

A bit of frost sparkling in the morning sun...

If you look at my face closely my smile is laced with pain...

...I suppose because my toe was frozen.


Brian said...

Not fair. I took that camera out of the box that morning. And that's totally the clown from Pee-Wee's!

CS-H kemyooter said...

My question wasn't sided at all...I totally dig the black image with just the reflective side walls showing up. You must be having some camera confidence issues(smile).

Yeah, I think you are right about the clown. Do you think it is the actual one from the movie or a copy?

ChrisB. said...

What I like are those totally incredible gloves. You can't buy those babies at Colorado Cyclist. And I bet they cost less than $49.95.

I think we shop at the same shop.

My winter outdoor gear collection:

1 wool cap from Marshall's

Several pair of wool dress socks from various discount retailers

1 pair of Trek tights, purchased in 1991

1 pair of army surplus cargo pants

1 Weatherproof jacket from Costco


CS-H kemyooter said...

chrisb. - brian will have to fill you in on those gloves, because they are pretty sweet and I think didn't pay over $10 for them.

but soon you will see some posts about our attire we religiously ride stay tuned.

ChrisB. said...

I'm looking forward the "attire" post.

I have my own glove "system" which involves a "base layer" (knit Trek gloves picked up for $5.00 in the markdown bin at my local LBS) and an insulated "outer shell" purchased for $4.00 at Ocean State Job Lot, a New England based discount/overstock/etc. store.

Still Brian's gloves look much classier in Brook's saddle kind of way.