Tuesday, January 22, 2008


{words carey}


First text 6:04am carey to brian : It is 22 degrees out there! can u snag some valve extenders? do u still want to ride?
6:16am brian: 22?! f me thts cold! u hv heat in that fancy new truck?
carey: (then I just decided to call brian) - well I'm all suited up and ready to roll...I'll be the gauge to downtown and if you hear from me that means it is way too cold to ride and you can pick me up...otherwise I will see you at All City Coffee.
7:11am - now at All City Coffee with a triple tall americano in hand and thinking I should have stopped downtown and put a call into brian.

It was down right cold today for us Seattlites and to keep our minds off our numb digits we decided to crunch through every frozen puddle we could...(I will report and provide images later).

Short post today we actually have to "work" today (smile): but don't fret as I will post a story with images later that will include a demolition, an experiment with a large puddle, frosted beard beads, and a white toe.

Until then keep warm.

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