Thursday, January 3, 2008


{words & photos carey}

Though a couple days late, I have decided to recap, revisit, look back, and ponder KEMYOOTERS existence in 2007. I have also decided to cover it in 12 days...posting short memories of each month.

This blog started out as just a casual journal so to speak; one that would document the rides into work of Brian and I. We thought it would be fun to show the world (which at that time just our friends and family) just how crazy we were to be getting up at the crack of dawn to ride 25 miles to Raleigh/work. Since those first couple of posts we had other riders join in - such as Matt, Reed, Tim, and other here and there. Since those first posts we've also built this blog into a venue that celebrates our love for the bicycle, inspires readers around the world, exposes people to Seattle through our stories and photographs, and we hope it is just an all around fun place to see what us kids do on bikes up here in Seattle and Raleigh.

My hope for 2008 is that we get more people on board at Raleigh writing stories and snapping pictures.

Now for the first recap...

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January 2007

*Blog started and so did the snow!

*We snapped pictures and documented the many...many...places we stopped to fulfill one of our addictions.

*Only six posts in total for the month but we were stoked when the stat counter hit 5 by the end of the month!

*On that snowy filled day the ride home from Kent to Seattle we tacked on about and hour to our commute as the path was covered with ice. While Brain and I were on our RX 1.0's with knoby tires, Matt was on his DBR race bike - it was amazing we didn't crack any of our bones.



Fritz said...

I've enjoyed the virtual ride -- keep up the great work!

El Diablo Rojo said...

I was a part of that first blogged commute, but did I get mentioned? No!! I'm tired of my efforts being marginalized, I'm buying a Hummer.

CS-H kemyooter said...

Thanks fritz...we should keep you entertained for the next year.

el diablo rojo: you have now been mentioned...sorry about that.