Thursday, January 17, 2008


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Away in California for 6 days soaking up the sun and riding around Santa back in Seattle all bundled up and happy to be drinking good coffee and beer; I do miss the sun and warmth though.
While in Santa Monica I wondered into a shop in the Abbot Kinney district by the name of Topo Ranch...the window display had a great t-shirt with a revolver on it that I had to have. And after checking out all their other wares my husband came across this sweet bicycle shirt:

Check out their site here...Topo Ranch

Sitting in the dark of the morning at All City Coffee on the ride in yesterday I realized that I keep forgetting to mention that our barista, Keo, is a rider for Cadence Clothing and I must say he makes a phenomenal triple tall americano...

Also...while Brian and I were making our way out of South Park last night, Brain mentioned that his product group was meeting with SRAM today. So, we got started on a SRAM pronunciation stint: SSSSRAM, SHRAM, ETC. and then of course the word WHAM! came about. As I looked over at Brian I saw his eyes looking in his memory box and he asked, " Wasn't there a Wham! Rap? You know, George Micheal rapping?" So, my inbox was just graced with this amazingly awful video:


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EDR said...

Can you explain how you can be a 'rider' for a company that doesn't race and pretty much only holds events where the point is to have your bike STAND STILL for the longest?