Wednesday, January 30, 2008


{words carey}

I swear those words (in the title) come from a song and amazingly enough I think it is a song I listen to often, but of course I can't place it.

Anyhow, it seems both Brain and I had malfunctioning alarms this morning, which meant we both missed the biking time slot that would get us to work on time. So, we packed our road gear into our bags and threw our bikes in the back of the truck so we could spin our legs at lunch.

There is a loop just outside our HQ building here that we all deem the "lunch ride" - it is a 15.47 mi loop that hugs the Green River (check out the Amazingly enough Brian had never been on the lunch route, "Oooo, this is going to be so much fun to show you the route!" I giddily said when I picked him up this morning. So, we dropped our camera's in our back pockets and snapped a couple shots.

{click images to enlarge}

bikes hanging in the lobby ready for the ride.

it is winter and moss seems to grow on everything

I got to visit the Castelli headquarters this summer down in Portland; G. Cowen the president hooked me up with a vintage Castelli piece that was calling my had 2 of my favorite colors on it, black and hot pink...yeah!

Our route takes us through the holes of a local golf course - which I am surprised still exists because isn't road biking the new "golf"?

Ah...we both have the same bikes, same water bottles, same toe covers, same shoes (B. & C.)...good thing we don't have the same hair cut!

On the last little stretch back we saw a runner on the path staring up towards the sky. Brian asked, "What do you got?" It was a bald eagle feasting on some fresh kill; he was pretty gorgeous and seeing him he rounded out what was already a great ride.

Ahh...bikes they are so damn fun!


Fritz said...

Something like those words in the title were uttered by Nacho Libre: "When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun."

Caserino said...